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Welcome to Longacresfarm.com.  Longacres Farm is retiring but will remain available for those horse and dog people who have come to appreciate Ration Plus for dogs and horses.  The Ration Plus for horses in the 5 liter size is of particular value to some horse owners.  We started using Ration Plus many years ago here at the riding school and discovered it was very expensive if you had several or more horses, especially older horses.  The 5 liter Jug provides a more economical alternative if you are willing to go to the extra work of pouring it into another more usable container.  We have had success by refilling the 16oz Ration Plus for Horses bottle. 

We will continue to sell Ration Plus in the 5 liter bottle as long as Cytozyme allows us to.  Of course if we do not sell enough bottles each year if may be discontinued.  In order to continue selling this product and give you such a great price we will not be able to use the more expensive shop cart software and you will have to use an order form.  Although we never did store credit card information on our server the risk these days is high which has led us to the more low tech method of faxing credit card info.  Now the credit card information will only exist in our office under lock and key (and dogs) and will never be exposed to the web.  I hope this is helpful to all you horse owners out there who have been buying from us in the past.

I do want to apologize to all you regular customers for the last few weeks of not being available but I struggled with the company that was hosting my web site (a big contributor to my decision to retire) and could not get anything fixed in a timely manner requiring me to switch hosts.

Happy Trails,
Signed Greg

 P.S., If you have any questions please email me at greg@longacresfarm.com and I promise to answer you quickly, usually within one business day.

Order Form (download)

Ration Plus for Horses 5 Liter/169oz - $$168.00 -- Ration Plus for Horses 16oz - $28.50 -- Ration Plus for Dogs - $19.95

Save about $128 dollars with the 5 liter size!

To purchase Ration Plus for horses or dogs please:

1) download the order form, fill it out and fax or mail to us. 

2) Once you have given us your credit card information you need only to email us with the product you want and ask us to use the credit card on file.  You can pay by Check, VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover, and PayPal. With PayPal send payment to sales@longacresfarm.com

3) We will return your email and let you know we received your order.

4) Orders are shipped in 2-4 days.  The ship cost will be a flat rate of  $15.00 for 5 liter, $7.50 for 16oz and RP for Dogs.  For 16oz or dogs a flat $15.00 for 2 or more and $30 for 2 or more 5 liter.  FREE shipping for 5 or more of any product.